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Nepalese Association of Wiltshire (NAW) successfully accomplished project “See Me Too”

With aim of bringing the people of different backgrounds and diversitties, Nepalese Association of Wiltshire (NAW) accomplished another successful assignment for the good and benefit of Nepalese residing in Swindon by organising an event called “ Project – See me too”. Brainchild of Secretary of NAW, Miss Manju Buda who had laid out essential foundation work by establishing link with the collaborating media hub called “Create Studio” based in Swindon. Create Studio is an award-winning firm who thrives in creating digital works, promoting diverse cultural and heritage through collaboration and making digital contents available nationally and internationally. 

Under the flagship of Mr Lal Shrees, President NAW, the event was held on Friday, 11 May 2018, in Buckhurst Community Centre, Swindon. As the team from Create Studio arrived, a brief presentation on NAW was presented by the Secretary NAW, followed by introduction to each volunteer representatives of NAW. In no time, all props and equipment were set up and camera was made ready to roll.

Selected from diverse pool of background with aim to promote Nepalese rich culture and heritage, volunteer representatives were mixture of old, young, female and ex-military. As they eagerly waited for an appearance in front of camera, all seemed to be well prepared to present their true account of stories and experiences. Covering extensive range of topics, such as; journey from Nepal to UK, Cultural education for youngster, working as Nepalese nurse in UK, life in British Army, and Settlement in UK, all representatives of NAW delivered their presentation in front of camera with enthusiastic.

This will be regarded as another milestone in history of NAW and more importantly bringing the  Nepalese community together under a single umbrella of NAW in Swindon and it will forever remain documented in historical archives. A public exhibition/conference is taking place in October where the stories will be displayed for the public and the officials to see.

     Executive Committee NAW are thankful to following individual for being part of the interview, sparing their valuable time;  Jum Bahadur Gurung (PR Office NAW), Durgasing Gurung (NAW Senior Citizen Coordinator), , Pramila Mukhiya , Gopi Maya Limbu, Ranjan Malla (Secretary, NAW Senior Citizen), Lalsundar Rai, Kiran Shrees and Tika Gurung.

            In the meantime, special thanks to adviser Janga Bahadur Thapa, Lal Shress, President NAW, Balbikram Shahi, Assistant Treasurer NAW, for their unparalleled support throughout the event making it successful.

“Jai NAW”

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