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Nepalese Association of Wiltshire, Swindon donate face mask to the senior citizen in the community


With new rule regarding COVID-19 coming in effect from Monday 15 June 2020 which requires everyone to wear a face covering whilst travelling in public transport in England. This in mind,  Nepalese Association of Wiltshire, Swindon identified that there is difficult amongst the senior citizens in the community in purchasing standard face masks who require them. Therefore, a decision was made by the members of executive committee to donate standard face masks to all the senior citizens across the community free of charge.

Funding for purchase of the face masks was voluntarily supported by  the members of the committee and the advisers. Huge thanks to all those individuals who again generously donated off their personal pockets to support this noble cause. Many thanks to following individuals: 

1. Gyan Gurung - £28 
2. Khagendra Guachan  - £20.61
3. Tanga (Saila) Rai- £14
4. Dhan Budhathoki - £6.70
5. Rajan Chhetri - £7.00 
6. Rupesh Raut, Treasurer - £14

7. Khem/ Tiju Gurung- £14
8. Chandra Sunar (Kumar)- £6.87
9. Haribhakta limbu - £6.87
10. Lal Shrees - £14
11. Capt (Retd) Devraj & Kalpana Gurung - £14
12. Bhawani Gurung- £14.40
13. Bhim Pun - £14 
14. Puspa/shyam Limbu - £14
15. Capt Padam & Mrs Batti Gurung - £14
16.Capt (Retd) Gajen & Mrs Susmita Dewan -£14
17. Ramraj Malla - £7 
18. Bisnukumar Gurung - £14
19. Ramesh Banstola - £7
20. Capt Iman/Panpha Gurung - £14
21. Maita Limbu - £10
22. Devendra shrestha - £ 10 

More importantly, we are very thankful to the members of committee including some proactive youth volunteers who put their foots on the ground distributing the face masks to the senior citizens of the community and making this task hugely successful. Special mentioning are;

  • Mrs Gopymaya Limbu

  • Mr Ranjan Malla, Senior Citizen Coord

  • Mrs Nilkumari Rai 

  • Mrs Tiju Gurung, Ladies Coord

  • Mr Khem Gurung, Ex-BFBS station manager

  • Miss Lesly Magar

  • Miss Monica Gurung

Well Done to all. Stay safe!



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