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Nepalese Association of Wiltshire, Swindon recognise contribution of the members by presenting Certificate of Appreciation

- Bhawani Gurung BSc (Hons)
  Secretary, NAW

No one should undermine the enormous challenges and difficulties that engulfed the normal life of every human being in the planet when a deadly diseases Corona virus (COVID-19) struck the world at the early part the year 2020. Since the daily life of the ordinary people and their livelihood have been uphill battle  and mostly the effect has been felt on the elderly and the vulnerable around the world. Since the explosion of the pandemic, locally in Swindon, Nepalese Association of Wiltshire (NAW) has been at the front foot of the action providing crucial support and help to the members of Nepalese community based in Swindon, UK. With clear strategic plan NAW, has been engaging with both internal  and external agencies, working in collaboration to provide right and essential support to the members of Nepalese community. 

Achievement of the success of the operations led by NAW would not have been possible without the willingness volunteer members of the community who have been truly instrumental providing the much needed help. Standing soldier to soldier, lending every inch of helping hand, these volunteers have sacrificed their time risking lives of their by going out and working for the good cause of the community  and supporting NAW's activities when called upon. It was blessing to people fo all ages coming forward to offer their help duirng the time of difficult. 

On Saturday, 03 September 2020, NAW had organised short event to recognise and appreciate the exceptional contribution  and selfless commitment  made by these individuals for the betterment of NAW in the past few years and during pandemic.


The certifictes to the receipient were present ted by current President of NAW, Mr Gyan Prasad Gurung, Ladies Coordinator Mrs Tiju Gurung and PR Officer Mr Jum Bahadur Gurung.


Full list of the certificate recipient are;

  • Dr Bala Gurung

  • Dr Jiwan Gurung

  • Councillor David Bell

  • Ms Pramila Sunuwar (Nurse GWH)

  • Mrs Sarmila Shrestha (Nurse GWH)

  • Mr Janga Bahadur Thapa

  • Mr Yam Bahadur Malla

  • Mr Durgasing Gurung

  • Mr Tika Bahadur Gurung

  • Mr Premsing Gurung

  • Mr Ganga Bahadur Malla

  • Mr Indra Bahadur Gurung

  • Mr Nandaram Gurung

  • Mr Dib Bahadur Gurung

  • Mrs Nilkumari Thakali Rai

  • Mrs Gopi Maya Limbu

  • Miss Luk Kumari Magar

  • Miss Monica Gurung

  • Miss Lesly Magar

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