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Nepalese Association of Wiltshire holds AGM 2020

NAW Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2020 was held on Saturday 14 Mar 2020 in Buckhurst community hall, Swindon. Under flagship of President Mr Lal Shrees the 7th Executive Committee the program was officially began at 11:00am with Secretary Mrs Manju Budha presenting annual secretary report. The comprehensive reports which incorporated the achievement and milestone performed by 7th Executive committee during its tenure. The list of achievement was quite long with some notable mentioning were, winning the wider community award MTM, raising of £7,000 for charity Brighter Future, including collaboration works with Swindon Borough Council and other external agencies. Secretary's report was folloed by Treasurer's report, presenting detail financial transactions incurred during last two years. 


Tenure of 7th EC coming to the end, President Lal Shrees highlighted specific milestones that was pertinent to NAW in enabling its identity within wider spectrum. He further thanked all those members who involved making the tour successful. After dissolution of 7th EC, Electoral commission led by Capt (Retd) Aitaram Gurung made announcement of members of 8th Executive Committed in presence of members of NAW. He concluded the session by thanking outgoing EC for their outstanding contribution to the community and congratulating new committee for their successful tenure.

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