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London Visit Trip organised by Nepalese Association of Wiltshire (NAW) for Senior Citizens of Swindon

- NAW Correspondence

- Swindon, UK

Wednesday 26 September 2018, Senior Citizens living in Swindon, Wiltshire made a well memorable visit trip to London which was organised and financially supported by Nepalese Association of Wiltshire (NAW). Brainchild of Vice President of NAW, Mrs Puspa Limbu who first initiated the idea and proposed to the committee for approval. Backbone of the NAW since its instigation back 2005 senior citizens have been integral part NAW, offering unparalleled support in every occasion when it  was needed most. In return, as goodwill gesture and to credit as token of appreciation, the visit plan was unanimously voted for approval by the members current Executive Committee and the Advisers.  

With early planning undergone, Vice President of NAW Mr Gyan Gurung was then involved in coordinating necessary arrangements and administration necessities. These included hiring of 70 seater coach, checking of availability of the ticket for respective places in London namely; London eye, House of Parliament, Tower of London. Equally involved was Coordinator of Sub-Committee Senior Citizen NAW, Mr Durgasing Gurung who was instrumental in disseminating the key information and feeding them back to the organiser in timely fashion.


As scheduled, on early morning of 26 September, members of Senior Citizen were assembled in main Coach Station located in main town Swindon ready to board the coach. After approx. 2 hours of journey, the coach arrived to Buckingham Palace as the first stop and all started disembarking off the coach. From there on, Yam bahadur Malla and Indra Bahadur Gurung diligently guided the members around the Palace with their best knowledge. Next stop, travelling to London Eye, two other proactive member of NAW Mrs Gopimaya Limbu and Nil Kumari Rai stepped up providing guided tour of the place including Sea Life of London, with through description of each feature. After quick snack break everyone headed to the famous site, Tower of London. With his abundant knowledge of the place, Secretary of Senior Citizen sub-committee, NAW, Mr Ranjan Malla provided very comprehensive touring of the place.

 Coupled with blissful and sunny weather of the English Autumn, the visit day was regarded as huge success, everyone being thankful of the organiser. Finally, with day passing it was soon time to return to Swindon, arriving to the Coach Station at 07:45pm, all safely and in single piece.

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