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Nepalese Association of Wiltshire
Executive Committee Members 2023 - 2025

The NAW Executive Committee of 2023-2025 is presided by Mr Gyan Prasad Gurung  with support of Secretary Miss Jenisha Thapa and Treasurer Mr Chij Bahadur Gurung


Gyan Prasad Gurung, President NAW

Ranjan Malla_edited.jpg
Ranjan Malla

Vice President

Chij Gurung_edited.jpg

Chij Bahadur Gurung


Jum Bahadur Gurung

Public relations officer

Tara Limbu_edited.jpg
 Tara Limbu

Vice President

Bishnu Gurung.jpg
Bisnukumar Gurung

Assistance Secretary

Til Bhai.jpg
Til Magar

Food Coordinator

Jenisha Thapa_edited.jpg
Jenisha Thapa


Avinash Gurung_edited.jpg

Assistance Treasurer & Sport Coordinator

Avinash Gurung
Premsing Gurung_edited.jpg
Premsing Gurung

Senior citizen coordinator

Rupa Grg_edited.jpg
Rupa Gurung

Ladies Coordinator

Gauri Maya Gurung_edited.jpg
Gauri Maya Gurung

Cultural Coordinator

Kiran Shrees_edited.jpg
Kiran Shrees

Youth Coordinator

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